Modern life and Home Furnishing – bamboo kitchen utensils

Modern life and Home Furnishing – bamboo kitchen utensils
Bamboo in China is a popular material, it have deep origin with Chinese poetry, calligraphy and painting and landscape architecture etc. Bamboo represents a sharp sense of integrity and modesty and elegant temperament, also bamboo in the design have great aesthetic value and practical function.

bamboo - chopping board

Chinese people design and application of bamboo ‘s history can be described as a long time, from bamboo slips for writing, bamboo house , bamboo chairs to  bamboo fiber, without exception,all reflects people’s deep understanding of bamboo.bamboo - salad bowl

But all the time since in China people just put bamboo more as a kind of culture, a kind of integrity and strength of character, and modern life has a new high development and application of bamboo in the product design began to new markets, bamboo products have been transfer from the traditional primary processing to forming deep processing, all kinds of household products is emerge in an endless stream, such as bamboo bowl, bamboo cutting board, bamboo knife rail , bamboo salad bowls and so on, almost all household items can made of bamboo.

bamboo - - plate rail bamboo - blade carrier bamboo - salad bowlbamboo-kitchen - knif an forks bamboo-Draining rack bamboo-shelf - wineglass

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