Main value of Moso Bamboo

Main value of Moso Bamboo 

In the bamboo plants Mao bamboo has the most widely usage, also it is the most versatile species in the bamboo and wood in the forest. Mao bamboo usage are closely related to people’s daily life , in people’s clothing, food, housing, transportation, view, and decorative aspects which plays a important role. It has industry raw material, edible, medicinal, ornamental, forage, environmental protection and other many functions, it is pollution-free green treasure house in a bright bright pearl, it is ideal species for the construction of green bank.

And Mao bamboo usage in the industry raw material is most important role.

As Bamboo stalk is tall and straight, raw material is strong and  resilient and light,  separating is high,shrinkage is little , good elasticity, good rigidity, high hardness, long fiber, fine bamboo texture, straight, smooth, bright and clean, bamboo is widely used in rows in the field of engineering and people’s daily life. Not only to do with raw bamboo beams, columns and rafters, Tan, wall, also the bamboo processing can produce various tools,furniture, stationery, sports equipment, instrument, daily utensils, activities, arts and crafts products, tourism manual crafts, toys, tableware and decorative and stuff etc., bamboo products indeed everything, all inclusive, diverse, and everything is complete. Especially modern high technology advanced equipment and new technology, the use of the development and application of bamboo, such as bamboo artificial materials series of new products is a technology revolution in the bamboo utilization, develop the bamboo into the industrial area of the use of the new situation.

And PX bamboo Industry mainly take  mao bamboo above advantages, use its raw bamboo strand to produce to solid bamboo panels, solid bamboo plywood, solid bamboo planks, which is very ideal material for Furniture,  kitchen crafts, door, bathroom Crafts, Kitchen counter top and office table top etc.  The crafts made from bamboo panels looks very elegant, clean and green . Which is become more and more hot and popular in modern people’s life.

What is Mao Bamboo? Mao bamboo is belong to gramineae and phyllostachys , uniaxial scatter type evergreen arborescent bamboos plants . Its pole high up to 20 meters, the crude up is more than 20 cm, rods and old glabrous and by the gradual change of the green is green yellow; strand thickness of about 1 cm; pole ring is not obvious, ultimate branchlet is about 2-4 leaves; auricles is inconspicuous and ligule uplift; leaves smaller and thinner, lanceolate, surface along the base of midrib puberulent, squid spikes, without auricles, spikelet has only 1 flower; filaments 4 cm long and plumate stigma. Caryopsis is oblong, with persistent top style base. April is bamboo shoot time, and May to August is flowers time.  Mao Bamboo is the most wide area growth, and have long history of cultivation in china, and have very high economic value bamboo species.  Its Coarse rod type should be used for construction, such as beams, scaffolding, scaffolding, with fine bamboo, and for weaving to various thickness of the appliance and crafts, shoot for a broom, bamboo shoots.  And the culm sheaths is for paper-making raw materials, bamboo shoots is very delicious , fresh or processed into dried bamboo shoots, bamboo, bamboo clothing. The bamboo leaves green, evergreen, beautiful ,tall and straight, the cream does not wither, which is suit to all the common people. Since ancient times, bamboo often placed in the garden, Chi Pan, hillside, meandering streams, stone courtyard, scene trace, doors, and indoor ornamental plants. Often, plum and pine and bamboo were know as three durable plants of winter -- pine, bamboo and plum blossom.